Camp Gilboa Belongs to the Campers 

You’ll never experience another camp like it. Our special interest clubs reflect your interests and let you express yourself. Most Gilboa campers discover their inner creative, dramatic and musical talents. Shy.... no problem. Before you know it you’ll find yourself joining your group in a skit or comedy routine or just hanging out—because all Gilboa campers feel accepted and valued. Since Habonim Dror is all about helping each other, everyone can enjoy the fun. And when the summer is over, you’ll go home with great friends and fond memories, looking forward to continuing the fun throughout the year with your local group.

Old Traditions are Made New

After experiencing Shabbat at Camp Gilboa you will never see Shabbat the same way again. Gilboa’s Friday night is ushered in by candle lighting and song, followed with a traditional Shabbat meal. The evening continues with skits and songs, then spirited Israeli dancing; and don’t worry, if you don’t know how to dance, we’ll teach you. Shabbat day has a slower rhythm, with special activities and discussions and the opportunity to just kick back and relax. The farewell to Shabbat is everyone’s favorite time, as we form a loving circle of campers and staff under the trees. Then on to Gilboa’s campfire “talent show” where every act is a winner!

We Are Family

At Camp Gilboa you are part of a family—from the youngest to the oldest. With most of our carefully-selected counselors being former Gilboa campers themselves, they help form our family, caring for each camper like a brother or sister. Camp Gilboa is also part of a bigger family—a family of seven North American camps affiliated with the Habonim Dror Labor Zionist Youth Movement. Many of our counselors are graduates of the Habonim Dror year-long leadership development Workshop Program in Israel.

Here is how it all looks when pictures are used instead of words: Yachad - Together (Summer Camp 2009)