The Yom Hazikaron Exhibition examines how Israel honors its fallen soldiers; weighing the social, political and personal aspects of  living in a country besieged inside and out by conflict.


Yom Hazikaron is a holiday in Israel that plays a key role in the Israeli social consciousness and collective memory.  In the Yom Hazikaron Exhibition, students will learn about the complexity of life in Israel through the eyes of its civilians, soldiers, politicians, social activists, parents and children.

They will look at the changing map of Israel from the beginning of the 20th century through the declaration of the State of Israel and through its conflicts and peace treaties. Students will examine how Israel culture, daily life and social activism are affected by its political and geographic conflicts, and will discuss how we, as individuals and a society remember and commemorate our fallen soldiers.

This educational activity engages students in interactive discussion using compelling imagery, personal texts, moving music and video. The medley of images and sound strikes a serious yet hopeful tone in this balanced and in depth program.


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