South Bay Year Round Events

South Bay Ken is one of the youngest kenim in Gilboa. It was established in 2005 by a few families in Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto, and with the with the enthusiastic support of the maapilim in UC Santa Cruz University. Since then, South Bay ken, or as we call SoBay ken, is growing generations of chanichim, bogrim, MBI, madatz and madrichim, and the endless support of the maapilim from UCSC is one of the most cherished assests of the ken, as well as a core of active families.

This is our list of leaders - rosh eizor, rosh ken and madrichim - over the years:
2005 G., Matt Brodsky
2006 Becca, G., Eliana, Matt Brodsky, Nitsa 
2007 Zak, Geoge Stevens, Becca, G., Eliana, Niki, Matt Brodsky
2008 Zak, George Stevens, Niki, Miya
2009 Zak, Geoge Stevens, Niki, Miya, Sarah B.
2010 Zak, Niki, Miya, Sarah B., Matan, Dani, Gal, Kate, Madeline, Aviad
2011 Niki, Evan, Nitsan
2012 Evan, Sarah, Melody

This is the list of upcoming South Bay Ken events:

For more information, please contact:
Rosh Ken South Bay - Melody -
Rosh Eizor NorCal - Evan -
Shlicha - Tzlil -

Upcoming Events & Activities

There aren't any events currently scheduled. Please check back.

South Bay Year Round Events

First Ken Of The Year

We started the year with a get together ken, meeting old friends from summer camp, and new friends that came to our ken for the first time.

We celebrated by creating our ken chant:

Rosh HaShana Ken

We met to celebrate Rosh Hashana at Bul Park in Palo Alto. The park has a stream going thru it, and we had a chance to perform Tashlich, and than we had a lot of fun playing games with apples and honey

Sukot Ken in the Sukkah

It's a SoBay ken tradition from its first year that on Sukot we have a Sukot peula at the Naim family Sukkah. So, as we did so this year too. We invited our families to join us for Sukot putluck, and we enjoyed spending a great time at the Naim Sukkah. Don't miss it next year!

Ken Meyuchad

We had a special ken about butterflies and catterpillars...; well actually, it was about environmentalism, and it was a lot of fun!