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About Our Seminars

Our Seminars are ways in which we get to meet our friends from camp throughout the year on various occasions and for different reasons. Some of our seminars are for all of the chanichim (campers) and some are only for some age groups, typically the older ones. Those are typically where the emphasis is made on the leadership and education paths that are being developed throughout the years.

Fall Seminar 2011

Our first seminar in 2011-2011 was Fall Seminar that took place in "The Institue", in Los Angeles, between Oct-21 to Oct-23.
This was our largest ever seminar with 74 chanichim of all ages, from NorCal (SF Bay and South Bay) and SoCal (Irvine, San Diego, LA) and 1 from Vegas.

The seminar's theme was 'planting the seed' - it is a part of a yearly theme which is 'nourish and flourish'. On Friday we had the regular seder yom - shabbat dinner, rikud and such and on Saturday we went to Pan Pacific park and had some fun and some more serious peulot. During machaneh wide peula we learnt about different pioneers, chalutzim and other movements who planted the seed (idea) and made it flourish - like the civil right movement and Hertzel.

After pish, where all the kvutzot spoke about new beginnings, the upcoming year and how do we finish things - we made the first step by making chia pets and giving them to someone else. Later on we learned why do we celebrate Simchat Torah and connected that to Gilad Shalit.

Check out the pictures from Fall Seminar 2011:


First Hadracha (Tzevet) Seminar

We had our first tzevet seminar of the year on Nov. 11-13, for 19 madrichim who had the opportunity to run and participate in peulot, for the purposes of 1) creating a more cohesive tzevet partnership, 2) helping other kenim to understand what successes and difficulties each eizor was experiencing, 3) talking about new and creative ways to re-energize our tzvatim and kenim for this incredible ken year!

Ma'ayan and Niki ran peulot that were based on ideas of updating others about our individual kenim, defining our roles as madrichim, finding inspiration and being an inspiration. We opened the chinuch to involve other members who wanted to bring some sort of peulah to tzevet-- those included fun chevrati where we built a beautiful natural mobile as a collective unit, getting to know each other through important questions that we don't necessarily ask when we become "responsible" for a kvutza, and an interesting peulah about our responsibility and commitment to the ken-- and how we can support each other better so it doesn't feel like an "obligation". We participated in a larger project that the Holocaust Museum in Houston is creating and made butterflies to represent and remember the children who had died in the Holocaust.

Overall, the seminar had a very comfortable feeling. Many members of tzevet felt that they were responsible for creating the seminar and found a lot of value in the things we went over. It was nice to have a time devoted to building strength amongst tzevet and their relationships so that the idea of 'partnership' and 'cooperation' can be stronger as well. The concept of everyone having the ability to contribute to the seminar's chinuch created a dynamic that wasn't "Mazkirut and Tzevet" but everyone seemed to be on the same page-- working for the same team.


SoCal Seminar 2012

Check out the pictures from SoCal seminar.

Limmud LA

At begininng of March, our Gilboa team participated in LimmudLA. Here is the blog entry, wriiten by Zak:

A week ago I had the privilege of securing an invitation through the Israeli Leadership Council and LimmudLA to attend Israeli President Shimon Peres’ community welcoming ceremony and interview with Campbell Brown at the Beverly Hilton.

One of a dozen Limmudniks in the audience introduced me to her lovely friend with whom I’m going on a hike this coming weekend. Several community members and Rabbis whom I met over the past three years of volunteerism with LimmudLA also greeted me during the schmoozefest.

When the ceremony began, it was no surprise to see at least four Limmud teenagers were among those from Milken and Shalhevet high schools who beautifully sang the Star Spangled Banner and Hatikvah. George Costanza’s (ahem, I mean, Jason Alexander’s) hilarious jokes, and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Consul General David Siegel, and Federation Chair Richard Sandler’s warm welcomes infused me with tremendous pride for the Los Angeles Jewish community.

And then the main entre, Peres’ interview with Brown, commenced. Like a true diplomat, Peres elegantly sidestepped Brown’s more hard hitting questions about Iran. An optimistic man who believes educated women hold the key to prosperity and peace will not find it difficult to win me over.

Although Peres was the raison d’ĂȘtre for the evening, I was equally inspired by the clear demonstration of our community’s internal and external bridges. Two reasons I engage with LimmudLA are (1) the organization actively contributes to Jewish unity, and (2) it offers to take each person on the next step of their unique Jewish journey. What a pleasure to participate in a gathering that truly reflects the micro and macroscopic aspects of Los Angeles’ vibrant Jewish culture!



And here are pictures from the event:

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To find out more about the Kenim (chapters), that are located all over California, you can contact the roshei-ezor (region-leaders):
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