How can we ensure that Camp Gilboa is growing and thriving at the end of this century and beyond? By creating a "legacy" program!

A legacy program is a means by which people make posthumous bequests to Gilboa. Our program, Gilboa Legacy Builders & Dreamers, is intended to create an endowment fund that will generate the yearly resources needed to maintain our camp and our program.

How does it work? People of all ages who love Gilboa and want its mission to continue when we are no longer here sign a Legacy Letter of Intent. This letter simply states that the signer will remember Gilboa in their will (or other similar document). By signing this letter you will have joined Gilboa Legacy Builders & Dreamers and become a permanent part of the future of Gilboa.

We believe that the future of the Jewish people depends on our chanichim (campers) growing up strongly identified with Judaism, loving and supporting Israel, and teaching their children and grandchildren to do the same. What better way to do this, than by providing the funds to keep Gilboa strong into the future?

If you haven't been asked yet to sign a letter of intent, download it here, sign and send it to the office. You'll feel the satisfaction of helping Gilboa succeed and flourish!

* JCamp180 Foundation (formerly known as the Grinspoon Institute) provides financial incentives to Gilboa for each letter of intent received, so that your future support is a support in the present as well. 



Why We Joined The Legacy Program

As our embodiment of “l’dor v’dor”, from generation to generation, we have arranged a gift to Camp Gilboa that insures that a vibrant Jewish future will be available to our community’s children and our children’s children. We believe that Jewish camping is a powerful factor in Jewish identity building and that Camp Gilboa is particularly important because it furthers ties to Israel and the community by celebrating the value of cooperative living.

-- Ettie & Marty Taft